Jodie Shrive

Over the last year, I have been studying to complete my Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration. The course has allowed me to expand on knowledge already obtained while studying for the Level 2 diploma and has given me a more thorough understanding of the key principles within the business environment. With this qualification, I was able to select modules that were most suited to my job role, whilst also being able to select units that would give me the opportunity to diverge into different areas of the business to get a wider understanding of the Aerodyn business. Next year I am hoping to continue with my studies and progress on to Level 4.

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Our newest machine is the Mitsubishi MV2400S with axis movements of
The maximum workpiece sizes are 1050X-820Y-420Z

We also have two Mitsubishi FX20K machines with axis movements of
The maximum workpiece sizes are 1000X-800Y-450Z

Located in Derby.  Collection and Delivery service available.
Over 40 years’ experience
(Aerodyn Ltd acquired Matlock Wire Erosion Ltd in 2015).

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Aerodyn has extensive experience in serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Power Generation and the Industrial OEM markets. We specialise in instrumentation, hardware design, analysis, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, component & subsystem test, validation and field testing, using our state of the art instrumentation lab, machine shops and in-house test capabilities. We offer global coverage through our facilities located worldwide and our global network of representatives.

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Aerodyn has a brand new fully qualified FIDIA GTF3514 MA 4500 Full 5-Axis Gantry Style MACHINING CENTER ….. OPEN CAPACITY AND READY FOR BUSINESS!

Fidia GTF3514 MA 4500 5-Axis Machining Center X-Y-Z: 137” x 177” x 55”

As part of Aerodyn’s continued growth strategy, we have recently completed the installation and qualification of our BRAND NEW 2016 HIGH SPEED HIGH CAPACITY FIDIA FULL 5-AXIS GANTRY STYLE MACHINING CENTER at our new expanded facility in Indianapolis, IN.

This is one of the most accurate, high capacity machines in the industry! READY FOR BUSINESS!

Let us know how we can help you overcome your most difficult large capacity precision machining, fabrication and assembly challenges.

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Aerodyn Ltd Apprentice News!

Aerodyn Ltd is proud of its apprentices and their continued success with their qualifications.  Read about 2 of our apprentices’ recent achievements and what they are moving on to next with their studies…

Abby Wagstaff & Abigail Davis

Abigail Davis

“Last semester, I completed my EAL Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technology in conjunction with a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations. These qualifications took just under a year to obtain and have given me a strong foundation to continue to build my career at Aerodyn Ltd.  Throughout the duration of these courses, the turning and milling assignments interested me the most.  These were the most relevant aspects of the course to my job description and have in turn made me into a more capable and increasingly aware machinist.  The only particularly challenging part of the course was manually filing a datum square in fabrication and fitting tasks.  Often it took me more than one college session, it was infuriating but incredibly satisfying on completion.
This semester I am embarking on an Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Pathway) as well as starting my Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations.  The most exciting aspect of this course is the prospect of learning about and operating CNC machinery, in particular learning about G code. Undertaking the course that supports my apprenticeship here at Aerodyn Ltd to me is a continued endeavour to progress my understanding and knowledge of manufacturing techniques.  It allows me to apply new found skills to my every day work and this gives me a great sense of fulfilment.”

Abby Wagstaff

“As part of my employment at Aerodyn Ltd, I was required to undertake qualifications relating to my role as an instrumentation technician.  I attended Learning Unlimited in Derby to complete a level 2 technical certificate in Engineering, alongside this I also completed an NVQ level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations.  The technical certificate took approximately 10 months to complete and my NVQ took approximately 8 months.  I enjoyed all aspects of the course but particularly the electrical and electronic units.  Myself and Abbie were set the task to assemble the circuit for a circumferential traverse and machine the enclosure as required to suit the layout of the circuit.  I found this task particularly rewarding as it was good to put the theory I had learnt into practice and make the traverse operate fully and safely.  Out of all the units I found the machining side to be most challenging as this is not something I do on a day to day basis.  However, using the machines at college and at work as part of my NVQ has built up my confidence and I feel I am more capable now when operating machinery.  I have just started a BTEC level 3 diploma in Engineering (Electrical Bias) and an NVQ in Electrical and Electronic Engineering level 3. These qualifications should take 2 years to complete.”

Aerodyn Exhibits at TETS at the Dayton Convention Center, 12-15th September, 2016

Dave Lawrence, President & Founder of Aerodyn Engineering Inc. and Ken Clodfelter, Executive VP of Aerodyn Engineering Inc. both attended the TETS convention at the Dayton Convention Center, 12-15th September 2016 on behalf of Aerodyn and hosted a stand in the exhibition hall.  This was a great opportunity to meet with customers in our US market and to show our new Circumferential Traverse and Slip Ring demo units.

There were a lot of interesting conversations, especially around our Testing Facility in Whitestown, Indiana and our expanded Manufacturing Capability at our HQ in Indianapolis.  People were especially interested to learn about our new Fidia Mill.

With the contacts made during the exhibition, we look forward to a busy 2017!


Aerodyn will be Exhibiting at the 2016 EVI-GTI Conference in Berlin, 27-29 September

This year, EVI-GTI and PIWG are holding a joint conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation at the Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten in Germany from  26-29th September 2016.  We are excited to announce we will be a part of it!  We will be hosting a stand from the 27th to the end of the conference.

If you haven’t already had a chance to meet with us at any of the events we have exhibited at this year and find out about how we can help you solve your instrumentation challenges, then please come along.

If you would prefer to arrange a meeting in advance, please contact Claire Gulliver at

We look forward to seeing you there!  Bis dann!

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Aerodyn has a brand new fully qualified OKUMA 78″ DIA Full 5-Axis VTL ….. OPEN CAPACITY AND READY FOR BUSINESS!

As part of Aerodyn’s continued growth strategy, we have recently completed the installation and qualification of our BRAND NEW 2016 HIGH CAPACITY OKUMA VTM-2000YB FULL 5-AXIS VTL at our new expanded facility in Indianapolis, IN.

See the specifications below.   This is one of the most accurate, high capacity machines in the industry! READY FOR BUSINESS!

Let us know how we can help you overcome your most difficult large capacity precision machining, fabrication and assembly challenges.

Okuma Image Okuma Spec


Aerodyn to exhibit at TETS 12-15th September 2016 in Dayton, Ohio

Aerodyn is excited to announce we will be hosting a stand at the Turbine Engine Technology Symposium being held at the Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio 12-15th September, 2016.

The symposium is targeted at US turbine engine specialists.  With Aerodyn having three locations based in the US: Aerodyn Engineering Inc. in Indianapolis, IN, Aerodyn Testing & Technology Center in Whitestown, IN and our latest US addition of Aerodyn Engineering Inc., in Jupiter, FL, we are excited to be showcasing our products and services to the US audience.  Particularly our new Circumferential Traverse and Slip Ring demo units that drew considerable attention at the recent ASME Turbo Expo.

If you plan on attending, we will be at Booth 803.  If you would like to prearrange an appointment to come and speak with us, please contact Cameron White at

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BONNES NOUVELLES – Aerodyn Open New Office In Quebec, Canada

Aerodyn has recently opened a new office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as the latest phase of its continued growth plan to offer global coverage of its products and services.

Canada has an extensive aerospace industry, with Montreal in particular being internationally recognised as a major hub.

Aerodyn Canada has been incorporated to better serve its Canadian customer base, not only in Aerospace but also in the Power, Energy and Industrial markets.

b0e0b266deb8bc1c64f5652714b84898Aerodyn Canada recently exhibited at the Aerospace Innovation Forum, held 25-26th April 2016 in Montreal.  The forum was an excellent introduction of the company’s presence in Canada and the extensive capabilities it can offer to both new and existing customers.



The Montreal office is initially focused on providing Program Management, Instrumentation Design & Make, as well On-Site Support.

Nikolas Schneider
Nikolas Schneider
Gabriel Perreault
Gabriel Perreault

The company is also pleased to announce the appointments of Nikolas Schneider, Program Manager and Gabriel Perreault, Design Engineer. Both, Nikolas and Gabriel are experienced in Turbomachinery Instrumentation having previously worked at different local gas turbine OEMs.


If you have any questions or would like to submit an enquiry to the team in Canada, please email

Aerodyn Exhbibits at the first ASME Turbo Expo held in Asia, June 2016

This is a year of firsts with ASME holding their first Turbo Expo in Asia, in Seoul, South Korea, but also this was the first year Aerodyn chose to exhibit at the ASME Turbo Expo.  This proved to be a great decision for both parties.  The expo was incredibly busy all week with people queuing at the Aerodyn stand each and every day!

Claire Gulliver (Marketing Manager), Mark Ferguson (Business Development Manager) and Chris Claypole (Managing Director) represented the global Aerodyn business that week.  There was a lot of interest in all our products and services and customers were excited to hear about our growing global presence, now having facilities in not only Indiana in the US and Derby in the UK, but also Florida in the US and Montreal in Canada.

At the expo we had a number of interesting discussions, which have since resulted in some exciting enquiries and opportunities.  We would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit the Aerodyn stand and we look forward to supporting both existing and new customers in the future.

Mark & Claire